Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am making a side project to this side projekt. With a K.

So I fancy myself as semi smart, and sometimes literate. As such, I have decided to undertake another blog that I may contribute to from time to time, but really, I want to have other people contribute to. Its going to be on the goings on of the finance/politics/economics world. If you know whats up in that sphere, or thing you do and would like to write about it, then do it! You can email me at the below email address with and submissions (like writing submissions, not the MMA fighting moves) Check out the fledgling blog here:

I would love love love for anyone who reads this to become a contributor if you have a bit of knowledge. And I know that I have a lot of smart friends... so you're all on the hook for this.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

I plan on doing a lot of things....

So this one time I went to a pageant. I think it was Miss Teen Placer County or something. I was related to one of the contestants, so it wasn't like I was just there creeping on a teenage beauty pageant like a creeper or anything. Thats not the point though. There was a portion of the pageant where each contestant had to speak about their accomplishments, or the MC was giving a brief description of each one or something, and for a great many of the girls the list of accomplishments included the phrase "she plans on". Like, "she plans on studying latin and being the first woman on the moon." Or, "she plans on being the first female under the age of 18 to swim across lake superior", or something along those lines. I don't recall who won that pageant, but I wonder if it was one of the girls who had actually done something, or one who had just planned on doing something later in life.

If it was a girl with actual accomplishments to her name, then good for her. If those who had merely planned on becoming the first woman to be the adoptive mother of one child from each continent (including Antarctica) did not fare so well, maybe they should try again this year. After all, I understand that awards are starting to be given out for good intentions. Even fairly prestigious awards.

Monday, October 5, 2009

So I am just really getting into bachata lately. Thoughts?

Friday, October 2, 2009

music music

so.. i'm in the music mindset, and after that last post, i guess i should let you in on some more of my musical lovings.

we all know that david thinks he's pretty hardcore, especially through high school, only loving bands like american nightmare and the murder city devils. now that he's really into indie-plaid, pseudo beard music, things are really changing. i actually once found a james taylor cd in his car. talk about embarrassing..

one singer song writer i've really been channeling lately is that of sasha fierce/b. I've been following her since her destiny childs day, and own every subsequent album since then.

When she went solo, i was ecstatic. the way she moves on stage, her vibrato, her OUTFITS! omg. i love her. i wish i was jay-z just so i could be around her more (sorry jenny, you had to find out sometime)

i took notice of her back in my favorite hip hopera - Carmen. I will cry without fail, every time i watch that film.

Anyways.. to all my readers - forget crappy gneaux indie like bone iver, forget even the oldschool bone thugs... the time of beyonce now reign supreme, and will as long as she lives.

Thanks to this video, I now have the choreography to Put a Ring On It, down. Come over to my house, I'll show you.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Its tha first of tha month....

So I am a really, really big fan of bone thugs n harmony. Right? Whatever. Not important. But really, who doesn't like a little of Cleveland's finest, especially on the first of the month. Anyways, I always had a soft spot in my heart for bizzy bone, crazy bone, and whatever other bones where in the gang.

Well guess what? I think there was another member of the gang that I have become aware of, and since today is bone thugs day, I would like to speak about him. Let me tell you that this was shown to me by my brother David. Now, he is really, really into indie folk, or beard music as I have always called it. One day after showing me some character called Devanda Brandhardt or some crap like that (dude was on a rug with candles all over the place just totally wailing in a satin hooded cloak for crying out loud) he proceeded to tell me that he wanted to show me his second favorite singer of all time, some guy called, you guessed it, Bone! I was like, woah, is this a long lost member of bone thugs? and he was like, yeah, here is a picture of him.

I was like, which bone is this? A white one? Weird. He told me that his rap name is Bone Iver. So I asked him, what kind of rapper is he? And then he showed me. He isn't even one of the bone thugs. Not even close. Turns out hes some kinda wannabe lumberjack from Wisconsin. Come on man, how much logging even still goes on in Wisconsin? What a disappointment.

I have a confession.

Yesterday Grace and I were eating gummy worms in the car. After the drive we pulled her car seat out of the car so Jenny could use it while I was out today. I noticed a half of a gummy worm stuck to her seat, so I nonchalantly picked it off and tossed it to the ground.

This morning, I got up early, went out, and then came home a few hours later. The worm was still right where I had tossed it the night before. I picked it up, brushed off the only discernible piece of dirt, and ate it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mom and Dad

Got in the news... Church News that is...